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PGZ Stocznia Wojenna Sp. z o.o. called hereinafter PGZ SW confirms use of so called coocke files in this internet service ( Serwis ) Serwis is not collecting authomatically any information except information included in cookies files. Cookies files ( co called cookies ) are the informative data , especially text files, which are stored in the Service user computer and are provided for  use from Serwis websites.

Cookies mainly include the website name they are coming from, time for storing the information on the final used device and the personal number. The duty holder, who place the cookie files in the Serwis User final device and gets the access to them is the Serwis i.e. PGZ SW ). Administrator. The cookie files may be used  for the following purposes:

- to adopt the contens of the Serwis websites to the Users preferences as well as to optimize the use of websites; these files especially allow to determine the Serwis User device type and to display the website in accordance with the device and fitted to User’s individual needs. 

- to create statistics which may help to find out how the Serwis Users make use of websites; it allows  to  improvement of the structure and contents of the wesites

There are two main kinds of cookies used by the Serwis:

Session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are stored in the User’s final device up to the moment of dislodging, leave of the website or closure of the software ( internet browser ) Persistent cookies  are the files stored in the User’s final device for the time limit determined in the cookies files parameters or ti the moment  of their removal by the User.

The Serwis administrator informs that the limitations in use of cookies files  can have an influence on some functions available on Serwis websites.


PGZ SW is not responsible for the websites privacy policy, to which links are placed on Serwis websites.


Change of cookies storing or receipt conditions is possible through configuration of settings in browsers, f.e,

Internet Explorer browser

Mozilla Firefox browser

Chrome browser

Opera browser

Safari browser



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