ORP Sokół, refurbished by PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, has concluded its service with the Polish Navy. On 17 November 2023, it was handed over to the Naval Museum in Gdynia, where it will serve as an exhibit starting next year. Before it rests at its final destination, the Sokol will have to complete several stages, including a swim to Pomeranian Quay on the TRD-Voyager pontoon. In the coming days, it still faces a complicated journey on self-propelled low-floor platforms to the Museum, a few hundred metres away.

ORP Sokół is a Kobben-type submarine. The unit served in the Polish Navy for 16 years and took part in many missions and exercises, both in home and international waters. It has 174 submersions and 26,000 nautical miles covered to its credit. It has worked with other NATO ships, demonstrating a high level of training and combat readiness. Its crew has earned the recognition and respect of allies by representing Poland worthily at sea.

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