The Polish Armed Forces have pre-selected suppliers for the platform-frigate project and the Integrated Combat System (ICS) under the Miecznik (Swordfish in English) program. The PGZ-Miecznik Consortium, which includes PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, begins negotiations on concluding strategic agreements on industrial cooperation with the indicated suppliers.

As a result of the analysis of the materials provided by the PGZ-Miecznik Consortium in December 2021, the Polish Armed Forces made a pre-selection of the preferred design of the ship and the combat system that will make up the target configuration of three new frigates for the Polish Navy, acquired under the Miecznik program. The proposals presented by German and British industrial partners were considered to be the most advantageous.

The Ministry of National Defence indicated that the preferred answer to the challenges posed by the new frigates of the Polish Navy will be the projects of two renowned providers of solutions of this class. Now we face the task of closing the negotiation process and concluding relevant B2B agreements – said Sebastian Chwałek, PGZ S.A. CEO.

The next step is to conclude agreements allowing to meet the requirements imposed on the Consortium resulting from the execution of the Miecznik program in the Basic Interest of State Security (PIBP) formula. In case of failure to reach an agreement, in accordance with the recommendation of the ordering party, the Consortium will proceed to talks with foreign partner, whose solution has been indicated as the second choice option.

– Concluding agreements with foreign partners is a necessary condition to proceed to the pre-production phase, i.e., to prepare the preliminary design of the “Miecznik” and to start investment works at our shipyards to adjust the production lines to the technology, in which the vessels are to be produced – added Sebastian Chwałek.

The consortium assumes that in the first half of March the B2B agreements regarding the strategic cooperation will be clarified and concluded. These agreements regulate, among others, the principles of further cooperation and the program management model. Bearing in mind the good progress of the ongoing negotiations, the final designation of the platform together with the ICS will be made public after their completion.

The next stage will be the preparation of an updated Industrial Feasibility Study (IIP) and a Preliminary Design. At the same time the transfer of technology and knowledge as well as preparation of potential to start the production of the prototype “Miecznik” vessel together with the LCS – the first unit of the series – will be initiated. According to the schedule, the construction of the vessels will commence in 2023.

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