On Saturday, a German fishery inspection vessel named Seefalke left our shipyard. The German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung, BLE) is the operator of this vessel, its main task being patrolling the German Economic Zone waters of the Baltic and the North Sea. Every now and then this 72 m long ship with its crew of twenty leaves to the fisheries surrounding Iceland to inspect the adherence to fishing quota as a part of joint EU operations in this area. The ship got into the shipyard after a public tender had been won by PGZ Stocznia Wojenna (four more companies participated in the tender procedures). It underwent its class renewal survey along with some conservation and panting, mechanical works and outfitting. We took an opportunity to have a brief talk with the captain of the vessel, Mr Michael Beismann.

Captain Beismann was very satisfied with the quality and promptness of the maintenance and repair done: „Everything has gone well. Sure, there were some minor challenges or unforeseen problems but the way we handle them together determines the quality of cooperation. Enough said, our ship is good as new!” A brief walk through the main compartments of the vessel proved the ship was leaving our shipyard in a perfect condition. „I think the Seefalke crew will have good memories of their stay here. The client trusted us, and we just did our work the best way possible. It was a perfect start of cooperation. I hope that one day we’ll see the other vessels of this client” said Maciej Fularczyk, the project manager.

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